Type-C USB Port Controllers

We wouldn’t have Type-C USB without semiconductor devices doing all the work you never see. My company Cypress Semiconductor makes one of the world’s first Type-C semiconductors called “CCG1“. This chip sits behind the Type-C port and communicates with whatever device you plug-in.  It talks to the cable (which also has a chip) and downstream device, determining what the capabilities of each are and reporting this to the PC.  High speed data does not flow though the chip, but initiating a Type-C connection is impossible without this “port controller” function. CCG1 can also be used in the cables or downstream devices previously mentioned. As a side note, I helped invent the CC bus physical layer (“PHY”) which CCG1 uses to communicate with other devices in the Type-C ecosystem. It communicates via Biphase Mark Encoding over a single wire. Very cool actually. I’ll explain how this works in another post.